California Model Search

Naturally Fit Agency is extremely excited to announce the launch of our new California office! Our new office is located in L.A. and on November 4th, we will be hosting a model search.

This model search is by invitation only.

How to apply:

  1. Fill out our online application:

  2. If we are interested in you, we will reach out to either ask for additional photos or to set up your interview time.* No phone calls please.

    • If you don’t hear from us within 2 weeks of your application, it means that we are not going to be requesting an interview with you.

Photo Submission Recommendations: Snapshots are fine (please make sure the lighting is good and we can see your face clearly). The application only allows for ONE photo to be uploaded-- here are some tips

  • Face directly to camera

  • Full body (but not too far away from the camera)

  • Clothes

    • Fitness Women: Sports bra and shorts or swimwear

    • Fitness Men: No shirt with shorts

    • Lifestyle Men & Women: Plain top and shorts or pants (no loud prints)

What are we looking for?

Naturally Fit Agency has become one of the top fitness modeling agencies in the US. We work with male, female, and youth models with a wide range of muscularity and fitness physiques. We assist companies in finding models for print, broadcast commercials, TV/Film projects, special events & promo modeling, fit modeling and more. Our models have been featured in ads for companies such as Nike, Academy and Runner’s World Magazine.

Minimum height requirement:

Women 5’7”   

Men 5’10”

Our divisions:

  • FIT-- For this division we are looking for a wide range of muscularity, fitness physiques and athletic backgrounds. Our clients frequently reach out for models that play or have experience playing specific sports, so models that have a true sports or athletic backgrounds are a plus (but not a requirement).

  • Lifestyle/Commercial-- This division focuses on models who are attractive in a more relatable way. The girl or guy next door, the fun family shot, the ads you see everyday in every magazine, etc.

  • FITEdge--This is a category for our more unique, alternative looks. It is important to note that this is not just a division for people with tattoos-- we still want a fit and/or muscular look for this division.

  • Kids-- Fit, commercial and athletes. Youth ages 6+.

Thank you and good luck!