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Congrats to Naturally Fit Agency influencers Kelsey Guy and Rubina on the new Visa campaign!


#visacommercial #naturallyfitagency #kelseyguy #naturallyinfluenced #topfitnessagency

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NEW NIKE commercial! Big congrats NFA athletes Krishna Curry and Tori Leigh Smith!

We love the new Nike commerical and we loved booked 2 track athletes on it! Great job Krishna and Tori! #naturallyfitagency #topfitnessagency

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Big Congrats Naturally Fit Agency talent Ashton

We love to see the finished work! #samsungcommercial #naturallyfitagency #mexicoshoot

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Memorial Day

Check out Chef Rush #whitehousechef #armyvet #naturallyfitagency

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Please welcome Kardale to the Naturally Fit Agency Team!


#rollerskating #naturallyfitagencyla #naturallyfitagency #topfitnessagency

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Happy New Year from Naturally Fit Agency


#happynewyear 2020 wasn’t the year we all expected & it wasn’t easy BUT we took on the challenge, refocused and adapted. As production for commercials and print were shut down on and off for most of the year our LA branch shifted gears & worked around the clock to further develop our influencer programs and marketing plans and doubled the business over 2019 & established our influencer agency as one of the best in the world.

Known for our diversity & personalization, we specialize in real athletes, such as Olympians, World Champions, Fitness & Nutrition Media Experts, Adaptive talent&  inspiring stories. Our influencers, both micro & macro, are among the most inspiring & sought out broadcast quality content creators in the world. 

It's important for us to work with talent, professionals & brands who care about the work and have a sincere desire to create positive change, inspire others, and make a difference in the world. We connect the right talent and/or influencers for each campaign. We promote teamwork & take a more personal collaborative approach. We see the big picture marketing plan, as our objective is building long term mutually rewarding partnerships with amazing individuals & companies.

 We are incredibly grateful to everyone we work with & for the opportunity to do what we love. Please also see our new website for more info #naturallyfitagencyla #naturallyinfluenced  #lateam #teamwork #topfitnessagency #influenceragency #naturallyfitagency #annettedominguezohair

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