About Us

Known for our diversity and personalization, we specialize in real athletes, such as Olympians, World Champions, Fitness & Nutrition Media Experts, Adaptive talent and inspiring stories. Our influencers, both micro and macro, are among the most inspiring and sought out broadcast quality content creators in the world. 

It's important for us to work with talent, professionals and brands who care about the work and have a sincere desire to create positive change, inspire others, and make a difference in the world. We connect you with the right talent and/or influencers for each campaign. We  promote teamwork and take a more personal collaborative approach. We see the big picture marketing plan, as our objective is building long term mutually rewarding partnerships with amazing individuals and companies.

David Nall

Naturally Fit is the only agency of its kind in the USA. The parent company was founded in 2007 by Texas entrepreneur and fitness enthusiast David Nall, who saw a market need to exhibit and promote a natural, drug-and-chemical-free fitness lifestyle. In 2012, Naturally Fit launched its agency division to represent talent who share the company’s vision; and has since grown its national presence with offices in Los Angeles, Chicago and Austin. The agency’s talent are regularly featured in print and media for Fortune 500 clients and its influencers reach millions of followers daily.

Annette O'Hair
Agency Director  
+1 323 900-0398 adominguez@naturallyfit.com

Annette is responsible for overseeing all aspects of Naturally Fit Agency, including marketing, branding, talent and account relations, both domestic and international. She opened our LA agency in January 2017, which quickly grew to represent the top pro athletes, Olympians, elite fit talent and influencers nationwide. Through her unique business strategies, emphasis on teamwork, personalized honest approach, and leadership, the agency revenue has grown exponentially each year, continuously exceeding forecasts.  In early 2020, at the beginning of the pandemic, Annette quickly shifted focus and adapted to the new challenges with a sharper focus on influencer marketing and partnerships which resulted in close to a 100% increase over 2019!

On the commercial and print side of the agency, Annette and her team represent commercially trained actors who are also highly skilled pro level athletes and expert fit talent. On the USA Influencer side of the agency, Annette, and her team represent some of the most inspiring and diverse health/wellness/fit Influencers in the USA with a razor sharp focus on influencer marketing / development, and building mutually beneficial long term partnerships with some of the most innovative brands in the world.

Annette has over 25 years of experience on the talent, creative and business side of the entertainment and fashion industries. She worked for 15 years as a commercial print model, actress, and on-camera host, in addition to having worked on the business side of beauty for a dozen years as a nationally ranked sales and marketing manager. Annette is the founder of The Model Consultant, consulting talent and entertainment professionals worldwide with a home base in L.A. and Kerry, Ireland. 

Annette says, "Our influencers are not just pretty faces with abs and nice butts. They are truly inspirational and they have a story to share. With a primary focus on diversity, health, wellness and fitness, many are media and health experts, broadcast quality content creators, pro athletes, world champions, adaptive athletes, accomplished actors and activists. They organically share their stories of overcoming challenges, standing up for what's right and they utilize their platform to truly inspire and help others to make a difference in the world - Isn't that how influence should be utilized?"


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